Leh Ladakh Trip Plan by Car Cost and Details

self drive leh ladakh

Self Drive Car for Leh Ladakh Tour from Chandigarh, Amritsar, Jammu, Srinagar, Delhi

Learning new things is one of the most important aspects of holidays. In Ladakh you can discover a new culture, enjoy the scenic beauty like no other and savor the delicious cuisine of Ladakh. All of this becomes easier, more comfortable and more convenient when you travel with a professional tour operator.

Why Book Ladakh tour in Self Drive Car?

Contrary to popular belief, tours are not just for tourists, but also for travelers who want to avoid the hassle of planning on their own. In a challenging region like Leh-Ladakh, booking a self drive car allows you not to worry about your car as we have checked everything related to car maintenance, documents and permits. You don’t have to worry about a car or any other problems while exploring unusual places in Ladakh. Someone will always support you to ensure you have an unforgettable trip.

When you travel to an unfamiliar place, you usually attract the attention of locals, and we provide private self-driving cars, so there will be no problem with them. When traveling to Leh-Ladakh, most people seek peace and quiet.

Economic – Sometimes in your car the tires, clutch discs or other minor issues that may be used in the area or your areas, but if you are using the car in Leh Ladakh region, this work is necessary before you leave for a trip to Leh Ladakh. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a self drive car for your trip to Leh Ladakh.

Pick Drop Service – Suppose you are traveling from Banglore, Mumbai, Chennai or any other place and driving from hometown to Chandigarh or Amritsar is too far than Chandigarh Airport to Leh Ladakh, Self Drive Car from Amritsar to Leh Ladakh. We also provide car driving from Jammu Airport to Leh Ladakh and Srinagar Airport to Leh Ladakh Self Drive Car.

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