Advantages of Self Driven Cars over Traditional Taxi’s

advantage self drive cars

India, with its traditional cab and taxi culture, still needs some time to adjust to the idea of ​self driven rental cars. But once you discover the joys of self driving rentals, you’ll never sit in the passenger seat of a cab or taxi again.

There are a number of reasons why self drive rentals are so much better than taxis, the main ones being:

  1. Privacy: Weekends and late nights are the only times we can spend with family and friends. Imagine the irritation of having an unknown driver eavesdropping on your every conversation, smiling at your dilemmas and laughing at your jokes. It gets even worse when you hire a cab for a day or two out of town. And if you’re traveling as a couple, you can watch the romance spill out of the cab window as you wave to him and say goodbye to Mr. Driver.
  2. Safety: Another problem for drivers in India is that of safety. Drivers are one of the lowest paid and most overworked people in India. So you can be sure that most of the time your driver is exhausted, tired and not quite in his senses. Other than that, it’s almost routine for us to tell a taxi driver not to drive recklessly, which just goes to show how much safer you can be when you’re in control of your self-driving car rental.
  3. Freedom: Choosing a self-drive rental car takes the hustle and irritation out of a road trip by giving you the freedom to be your own boss. You can leave home later than expected, leave a place earlier, and stop whenever you want while driving your rental car. There is absolutely no rush as this is not a run meter and driver who needs to be somewhere else by the time it is free for you.
  4. Cost Advantages: In addition to all the conveniences of self-driving rental cars, another big advantage in favor of self-driving car rentals over a taxi is cost. Contrary to popular belief that rental cars are expensive, Hoshiarpur Car Rentals in India offers self-drive cars for less than half of what a taxi or taxi company would charge you. For example, a self-driving car for 240 km or a full day is available for around Rs. 2,300, while even the cheapest taxi will charge Rs. 3000 for the same distance and time.

So it’s time to ditch the cab and opt for a self-drive rental.

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